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Jemmy interview: I can’t think of a better line up

We discussed the news earlier in the week about the next stage of Freeze’s electronic legacy in Liverpool, bringing in the Innervisions label for a special showcase. Whilst we’re rightly excited about Dixon, Ame and Guy Gerber hitting the city, one man who’s been at the heartbeat of all of their recent success stories has been resident Jemmy.

Since warming up for Danny Howells and Hernan Cattaneo at Liverpool Cathedral in 2011 Jemmy has been an ever present at Freeze, offered a residency straight after his set that night and being the aural platform the DJs have built their appearances on ever since.

As well as his residency at Freeze he’s also a regular for Cream, both their events in Liverpool and Ibiza as well as Creamfields too. He started the summer by throwing us a mix when we launched our Mixcloud series, and although we couldn’t quite pin him down to an interview then we’ve finally pulled it off now.

So then, how has 2013 been for you so far?

Every year seems to get better and better. Me and the missus adopted an amazing but mental rescue dog called Benji early this year, I can’t think of a single rubbish gig so far and I am loving every minute of my time in the studio.

How were your sets in Creamfields and also Cream Ibiza this summer?

I played in Richie Hawtin’s Enter arena this year, it was wonderful; electronic music at its finest. There was a really nice vibe in there all day. Ibiza was huge, everyone at Cream should be really proud of what they’re achieving out there, somehow it seems to be getting bigger and better every year I play.

Freeze presents Innervisions is coming up. Are you a fan of the Dixon, Ame and the label, and also Guy Gerber?

Musically there isn’t many artists inspiring me more right now than these three. I can’t think of a better line up, it will blow everyone away… including me.

How have your gigs been for Freeze this year?

Loved them. They have all been very different in terms of the setting and stuff, but they all have the same spirit – the freeze crowd. Nothing compares

We’ve also seen you’ve released a record recently for Bedrock, tell us about that. You pleased with the general response to it?

Yeah this latest single has definitely had the best and biggest response of anything I’ve done so far. I have been blown away by the reaction to be honest… big thanks to everyone supporting it.

As a born and bred scouser you’ll know the city inside out. There’s a sea of students about to embark on the city, if you had to give them one bit of advice, what would it be?

Stop drinking too much in concert square and throwing up all over my shops shutters.

Ha! So you’re also behind legendary record shop 3b. Still enjoying the trials and tribulations of running it?

Loving it, it’s tough at times but I wouldn’t swap it for anything else. We are launching a new 3B record label too, the first 4 EPs are really nice.

What DJs and artists have you been feeling both as a DJ and also a shop owner then this year? Anyone you’d like to put us onto?

One off the top of my head – Mano Le Tough… he’s had a great year, I love his sound.

And finally what else lies in the future for you?

I’m just putting the finishing touches to my next EP which I’m really excited about, lots of amazing gigs and I’m getting married next year.