Freeze is back at The Williamson Tunnels for our Dig Deeper show on the 5th October…

Danny Howells and Hernan Cattaeno have been two of our favorite guests over the past few years. Musically they take us back to our roots and are the real reason why we started to put on events in the now derelict Lemon lounge all them years ago.

We have been lucky enough to put on some huge shows over the past 12 months, from our Cadenza show at St Georges Hall, Bedrock at Camp and Furnace and arguably our biggest show to come later this month Innervisions at Hauss warehouse.

So we thought which way should we go with our Dig Deeper show?
Danny Howells very kindly did an interview for us back in February talking about his favorite shows he had played for us in the past. Was it the Cathedral? where him and Hernan first played for us together?

Was it the Renaissance at St Georges Hall show? again a great show, but we were just as surprised to read that it was neither.

Danny explained he loved the intimacy of the Tunnels and that out of all of them the Tunnels was his favorite.

After selling out the Cathedral and St Georges both 1000 capacity shows, we got thinking what if we could strip our event back and take two of our favorite artists back to our spiritual home.

In an ideal world we would ask Danny to play one of his legendary Dig Deeper sets and give Hernan the opportunity to stretch his legs and play an extended 4 hour set, he made his name as one of the biggest artists in the world doing.

We thought it would be cool to Invite all our old friends who had supported us over the years and made those nights as special as they were and add a few of the new ones we have made along the way.

So that’s exactly what we have done!! Very limited ticket availability!!!!

Dig Deeper at the Williamson Tunnels, Liverpool (Rave in a Cave)
300 Capacity
Saturday 5th October 2013
Danny Howells (Dig deeper set)
Hernan Cattaneo (4 hours set)

Ticket Link

Limited tickets available from 3b Records and Skiddle