Freeze announce live music project

Freeze Liverpool have announced a new project to dovetail alongside their successful club promotions events which is due to focus exclusively on live music, Freeze A-live. In a move that seems a natural progression for the club-night which has famously put on parties in Liverpool Cathedral, St Georges Hall and The Williamson Tunnels, the plan promises more of the same but with DJs being replaced for the main part by bands and live music.

It’s not quite a straight swap for turntables to guitars, with the music still mainly of an electronic persuasion. And there’s also the assurance that the same high quality principles that make up their club events will transfer over; think awesome sound and light and lasers set-ups. Promoter Tomo provided this quote to give an indicator of what to expect:

“Freeze has quickly become very much about the location, and we’ve managed to prove to people that we can put on great events in the most unlikely of places and that translates well to live music. The people we are putting on will have an electronic flavour whilst the shows will still be very focused on the visual element, our roots will always be in that, but we wanted to bring a different audience to these amazing environments. And on a much bigger scale.

You’ll get what you always get, and continue to get, with Freeze, top quality sound and production, it’ll just be more about bands and singers as opposed to DJs in this department. We’ve already got some deals in place and rest assured this will be even more impressive as anything we’ve done in the previous few years”

Whilst we wait for more concrete developments, in the meantime their announced club events are more than worthy of your attention. Tickets continue to fly out for the Luciano and Friends showcase on June 22nd with the two St Luke’s Church parties, on the 13th July with Gui Borrato and on the 21st September with Guy Gerber, Dixon and Ame, just as jaw-dropping.